After each and every tax year, taxpayers get their refunds from the IRS once they filed their tax returns. Although most tax refunds are issued less than three weeks once you filed your tax return, sometimes this may take longer. So if you have filed an extension and finally returned your taxes. Now you must be in line to receive your refunds and wondering about the status of it. The easiest and the most reliable way to track your refund status is through the IRS website. To track your refund status on the IRS website you need to fill in your Refund Amount which is shown your tax return, your Filing Status, and your Social Security Number. Once you filled the form, you will see the current status of your refund. To check your refund status, head over to the IRS website by clicking here.

Once you get to the website, click on Get My Refund Status as seen in the picture below.

Now click on Check My Refund Status button and fill the entire form with correct information.

After completing all the steps click submit below on the IRS website and voila, you got the status of your refund. The best feature about this tool is that you don’t have to check the status of your refund every so often. The website gets updated only once a day and it’s usually over midnight. So only one check a day would be more than enough. Stay tuned for more tax and refund related guidelines!

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