The calendar year 2020 due taxes for the 2019 tax year returns are have been published. The dates are the same as last year except for a few adjustments. Due dates have been shifted if the dates are colliding with national holidays or weekends so that taxpayers can file their tax returns more easily.

Just like any other tax year, individual taxpayers will mark April 15th as their due date but what about the other forms?

2020 Filing Due Date All Forms

Tax FormDue Date
Form W-2January 31
Form 1065 – PartnershipsMarch 16
Form 1120-S – Corporations (S)March 16
Form 1040 – IndividualsApril 15
FinCen 114 – FBARApril 15
Form 1041 – Trusts and EstatesApril 15
Form 1120 – C CorporationsApril 15
Form 990 chain – Tax-Exempt OrganizationsMay 15
Form 5500 chain – Employee Benefit PlanJuly 31

Extended Return Dates

Tax FormDue Date
Form 1065 – Partnership Extended ReturnSeptember 15
Form 1120-S – S Corporations Extended ReturnSeptember 15
Form 1041 – Trusts and Estates Extended ReturnSeptember 30
Form 1120 – C Corporations Extended ReturnOctober 15
Form 1040 – Individuals Extended ReturnOctober 15
FinCEN 114 Extended Return (with Form 1040)October 15
Form 990 chain – Tax-Exempt Organizations Extended ReturnOctober 15
Form 5500 chain – Employee Benefit Plan Extended ReturnNovember 16

If you need any additional information regarding the dates and if you should file by then or not, you can visit the IRS website to get your hands on more advanced and personalized information.

What if I miss the deadline on my taxes?

If you’ve missed the deadline to file your tax and haven’t filed an extension yet, you might want to do it anyways. There is a huge difference between not paying your taxes to the IRS and not filing. While you can get away with no penalties if you file but fail to pay, you will be subjected to penalties for not filing your taxes.

Thinking that you can’t pay your taxes at the moment? Contact the IRS and surely you will be put on a payment plan which you can pay your taxes within 120 days.

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