Taxes are undoubtedly one of the most sensitive topics in the United States. Each year the IRS makes adjustments to more than 50 tax provisions, but for the most part, the due date for filing taxes have stayed the same for decades.

There have been a lot of changes to the tax code that the U.S uses after the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which was signed by president Trump in late 2017 right before the tax season. If you’re wondering about all the changes and comparisons with the previous years which the changes were not affected, you can visit our front page to find out more. Now that as you can understand from the title of this article, we will tell when the taxes are due in 2020.

When are taxes due in 2020?

As always, just like the previous years, the taxes will be due on April 15 and those who file tax extension will have time until October 15 but this doesn’t mean they are not subjected to paying taxes until then. Anybody who files a tax extension need to pay their taxes even if the filing comes later.

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